Please Pray...

A lady (who I don't even know) that was some of my friend's Sunday School teacher, was walking back from evening service church with her son and they were both hit by a car. Her son got out with just a broken leg, but she was not so fortunate, she landed head first on the car's window shield and was in serious brain trauma for about 2 days. Yesterday, she died. Please Pray for her family, she has an 8th grade boy and a 16 year old boy (the one with the broken leg) and a very godly husband. The fact we can rest in is that we know that she went to heaven to be with God, but still please pray for her family. Thanks.

New Winner of Blog Design!!!

Kelsey has told me that she doesn't need a makeover, so the new winner of the Dream Design Studio makeover is.....................


Please email me with your name and email! Thanks!


My one year blogaversery is in 9 days!! On that day I will post (I will time it so it will be my 200th post) the first post I ever posted, and tell you 20 things you wouldn't guess about me. I will also...  change my blog design and name (I won't tell the name I picked until then :)!!!!!!!!!!!! So, be looking forward! It's going to be really fun!


Here are the winners of my giveaway!!

The winner of the Heart Necklace is..................

The winner of the Signatures and sidebar graphic is........................

The winner of the cookie earrings is..................

The winner of the Blog design worth $10 at Daises and Donuts blog design is..................
Hannah Rachel!!

The winner of the Eiffel Tower earrings is............

The winner of a makeover from Dream Design Studio is......................

Congrats to all the winners!

Talia, Hannah Rachel, and Kelsey, please email me at  with your name and email address.

Katie, Faith, and Arianna, please email me at with the below:

Full Name:

Thank you to everyone who entered!!

I will sponsor your giveaway!

With a homemade collage!! I LOVE making collages and I hope to open an etsy shop in the spring, but for now, I am making them for giveaways, birthdays, etc. Would you like for me to giveaway one on your blog? Just email me at

Below are some examples of my work!

Blogging Break

I will be taking a blogging break from tomorrow to Feb. 22, but I will have some scheduled posts! So bye until Feb. 22~


Oh my goodness! I have 52 followers! God has really blessed me. Thank you so much to all of my GREAT followers!

Giveaway change

Just so everyone knows, the giveaway is now ending on:

February 22, 2011 

That gives you more time to tell your friends and to get more entries. (Not that I'm not happy with the ABUNDANCE of entries I already have :D. Hope you all understand!

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