Hello.. (38th post)

My sister has been at a basketball camp this week while I stayed home and helped mom get ready for school. I can't believe summer flew by so fast, WOW.


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Whoohooo!! Is that how you spell that? :) I have 20 followers!! I will be gone starting tonight and I'll be back on Monday, so the giveaway will be post on Monday! I'm going to try to make it so my post on Monday is the 40th. Thanks so much to my newest followers, Max, Anna, Grace, and Bess!
I NEVER thought I would ever accomplish the goal, but I did.

Luke 1:37 Nothing is impossible with God.

Hi again!

Trying hard to get to 40 posts, I please tell people to follow me!

Also, If I don't get 20 followers before this Monday, I'm going to go ahead and have the giveaway.

Random Ramblings

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First random fact: This is my first "Random Ramblings" and I'm pretty excited about it. I've always wanted to do one of those "Terrific Tuesday" or "Miscellaneous Monday" but I'm pretty busy and would always forget to do it once a week. Then I thought I could just do it sometimes, but then when I think "Today was a pretty terrific day, I think I'll blog about it." Oh yeah... It's not Tuesday! Never fear, I have come to a solution! Random Ramblings. (Has this name ever been used? If someone has already used it and doesn't want me to, just let me know, I'll be fine with changing the name). Anyways, ever Random day, I'll post 5 or more random facts.

2: This is one of the longest posted in the history of AK's Korner.

3: My family is hosting our 5 year old neighbor's birthday in our backyard.

4: I just learned how to face paint. I'm doing it at the birthday party tonight.

5: I'm leaving for my grandmother's house on Friday, to see my cousins who live 10 hours away.

6: Since my old signature didn't seem to work I got a new one. Like it??

New Signature and Look

I finally decided to try the new Blogger template designer and so... here is my new look. I also thought since I changed my look and would also get a new signature. How do you like it? I think that I like it. :) Also, I now have 12 followers and I think this is my 34th post. Please spread the word!!


I now have 11 followers and this is my 33rd post! I'll give you a "sneak peak" photo of one of the two things that I'm giving away!

I'll be leaving to go out of town tomorrow and will be without a computer until Saturday. So, if you comment I will not be able to publish it until then, sorry about that. So anyways, post the purple button that is in my sidebar on your blog and, oh follow me if you don't already!


MY giveaway!

I written about so many other people giveaways, I've decided it is about time for me to have my own! But.. there a few conditions, I need to have 20 followers, (right now I have 7) and need to get to my 40th post (this is my 32nd). Post this button on your blog and tell people to follow me! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


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I had so much fun participating in the Thrifty & Chic modest fashion show! I placed 1st. Thank you, Lucia for hosting it, I really enjoyed seeing all the modest outfits.

New blog design

I finally decided that I had to part with my EXTRA cute header and background from Dotty Dot Designs.When it comes to design I never want to settle with just one design and maybe change it once a year. I HAD to change it. But, if a day comes when I want it back, I saved the HTML code! Hooray! So... who likes my new look. Vote the poll on my sidebar! By the way, Dotty Dot Designs' prices are the best I've seen on the web. You can get and header that matches one of her free backgrounds for just $5. Go check it out here. Bye!

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! I got to the beach last night just in time to spend the 4th here! We are going to watch the beach fireworks tonight and I'm really excited! Bye!

Going to the beach!

 I'm going to the beach tomorrow! I will be gone from tomorrow until next Friday. We are housesitting for an old friend of my mom who is going on a trip. I will still have a computer to blog on but I may not have time. I hope I will and can post some cute pics!!

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