30 Day Photography Challenge- day 2

What I wore today:

Of course, this isn't what I wore today (its way to hot to wear that :), but it is what I have worn one day.
sweater- Banana Republic
shirt- target
skirt- Belk's
Headband- Claire's


30 Day Photography Challenge- day 1

This is me at camp and is very bad quality, sorry, I just don't have time to edit it right now, but anyways, that is my self portrait. :)


New blog design!

Marieanne just gave my blog a new look! I <3 it! By the way, does anyone know how to make a heart when you are typing? I know that it is something like alt + 3 but I tried that and it doesn't seem to work...


My bucket list (and a giveaway)

There is a great giveaway at life is too short not to wear read shoes and because of it, I am making a bucket list! Since I have only lived 12 years, it really isn't that long, but anyways. Here goes..

Go to Paris
Go to England
Spend a week doing absolutely nothing
Start a home business
Live in New York for a summer
Make a (long) movie with some friends
Ride in a hot air balloon
Go to a Taylor Swift concert
Adopt a child (when I'm older obviously)

Get 200 followers on blogger

I'm sick :(

I'm sick with a stuffy nose and a cough and I have had to spend most of the day in bed. I thought to myself, what would be a better time to unfollow blogs then now? I have about 200-300 blogs that I follow and I desperately need to unfollow about 150, so if your blog loses one follower today, I just want to apologize, I just don't have time to check on TONS of blogs every day. Thanks for understanding!


Yesterday was my birthday. My 12th birthday. I am now 12. I got my ears pierced yesterday. For my 12th birthday. Life is truly good.

Okay.. sorry about all that stuff, basically, I'm now 12 and I now have my ears pierced. Whoa!

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