New Fridge!

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Today we got a new fridge for when we show the hous........ Oops I let it spill! Oh yeah, we can tell! WE ARE MOVING! .... to Forest Acres!! and we need a new fridge, because then when people look at our house to maybe buy it, they will like it better because it has a stain steal instead of white (sounds kinda silly... but I like having a new fridge!) Anyways... to the pictures!

I added words to the pictures thru Picasa, so I will blog each photo one by one... Ready GO!

Spring Break trip//Day 1//Smithfield, VA

Ahah!!!!!! I figured it out. All right picture time! Ready Set Go!!!

On our way!!

Peaches are yummy......

But, they sure use a lot of napkins!!

Like I said early, even the old courtroom is our classroom!! :) :)

Random house on the way

Our hotel's lobby
Our room.
Oh, and let me apologize, mom and dad wanted to watch the Health Care Bill on the news, so I couldn't blog until now.
Bye for now!!

Spring Break trip//Day 1//Smithfield, VA

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This week, my dad has to go to Richmond for work and we are going with him! Except for the fact that the world is our classroom, this should be our spring break. But, you know the Daleys, learn, learn, learn.... okay enough said about that, moving on.... We left today after church and took the 6 hour drive to Smithfield, VA where we stopped at a sweet hotel, called Smithfield Station. Since, mom's laptop will not connect to the internet anymore, I am VERY thankful that the hotel has a computer!! Although the hotel has a computer, I cannot upload my pictures to it. I am pretty sure that the hotel we will be staying at in Richmond will let me upload pictures. So, until then!! :) :)

Anna Katherine

St. Patrick's Day parade

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Today we went to our neighborhood's "St. Patrick's Day Parade." This is the first time in a while when the mayor election has been going on around St. Patrick's Day and my purse seems to have accumulated a lot of stickers!

Everything (and one) was green!

Photo Contest

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I am entering a photo contest at and here are my photos

Thank you and Bye!


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