I won a giveaway!

So, as I was planning for the giveaway I just posted about (enter here) I realized that I won a giveaway! This is the first giveaway I have ever won, which explains my excitement. Hang on just a second...
(in the background: AHHH!! CHEERS! SCREAMS! I WON!)
Sorry for the interruption! :D  Anyways.. this is what I won!!

Isn't it so cute and shabby chic and vintage! Love, love, love it! I won it from a giveaway at Forever Feminine, which is an A-DOR-able blog by Camille! Thanks so much, Camille!!

Huge Giveaway- hosted by Moi!

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I know I said I was on a blog break, but I decided I just HAD to post this!! I couldn't wait ANY longer!!
So, because I am so thankful of my 42 {wow!} followers... I'm having a..


So, here is how it works, first I show you the prizes :D. Then you enter because the prizes are so cool. Then you go on about your life until, -BOOM!- I tell you the winners and you notice that you won! Okay, so maybe you won't win, but it is worth a try because....
there are 6 prizes!
(OOO's and Ahhh's) 
Okay, so maybe that isn't that much, but they are so awesome, it's worth a try!
You might win one of them!
  Anyways... Here are the things I am giving away.

Heart Necklace-given by Bethany
Four Custom made signatures and 1 sidebar graphic- given by Martha Joy

 Eiffel Tower earrings -Given by honeygarden 

A Full blog makeover- by Daisies and Donuts blog design (my blog design site)
Cookie earrings- Given by Samantha 

A full blog makeover- Given by Stella

**Ways to enter**
  1. Follow my blog (mandatory) {1 Entry}
  2. Post about this giveaway {1 Entry} 
  3. Post the giveaway button on your sidebar{1 Entry} 
  4. E-mail at least five friends about this giveaway {1 Entry}
  5. Heart/Follow/Subscribe two of the etsy shops or blogs {1 Entry per two shops or blogs}
  6.  Tweet or FaceBook about this giveaway {1 Entry each} 
  7. Add Forever Faithful's blog button or link to your sidebar {1 Entry}
Giveaway ends on February 22nd! Unless otherwise announced.

{Please leave one comment per entry}
All right ladies! Start typing! 

New Design and Computer Break

So... Bethany at Joyfull Girl Creations gave me this ADOR-able blog design! I LOVE IT! And you can get one absolutely free by going here. One more thing, I will be taking a blogging break until a week from Friday. You can still comment, email me, etc. but I won't reply until then. Thanks so much!

A story

Here is a short story I wrote last week:

A Hectic H+neymoon

Jamek and Anna, Egyptian by birth had both moved to the US at a young age and one day they met; 120 days later, they were on their way to a restful honeymoon in their homeland. When they arrived in the Alexandria airport, they had to walk a short way to their inn. As they were enjoying looking at the massive pyramids, feeling the sand swish and sway around their ankles, and walking as the warm wind blew in their faces, Jamek and Anna felt truly happy. “Nothing will ever get in the way of our perfect honeymoon,” Anna remarked with a delighted sigh.  Suddenly, the ground shook. “Except for an earthquake!” Jamek yelled over the loud noise, which didn’t exactly sound like an earthquake. As Jamek and Anna grasped each other tightly, Anna looked as an immense, green head seem to grow out of the top of a pyramid. Soon the head turned into a body of—“Jamek, I don’t think this is an earthquake!” Anna screamed. “If not an earthquake, what could it—“Jamek interrupted himself and joined Anna’s screaming as a large green monster picked up Anna. “Ladies are yummy,” the giant’s low voice rumbled. “Let go of me, you ugly beast!” Anna yelled. “Yow!” the giant yelled as Anna bite his wrist. “That hurt me, yummy lady! I don’t like you! You are mean!” Suddenly a rock hit the giant’s head and he dropped Anna and fell backwards. A surprised group of tourists yelled as the now dilapidated pyramid crushed under the giant’s back. Anna and Jamek ran as fast as they ever had and didn’t care where they were going. They just wanted to get away from the giant and his army of little giants. Soon the little giants started shooting arrows at Jamek and Anna, while the big giant screamed, “My lunch is running away!” Finally after running for about 10 miles, the couple decided that they had lost the giants. “Oh no, now we are lost!” Anna remarked with a sigh. “It’s okay, I sure we’ll find our way and start a restful honeymoon, Jamek replied with a laugh.
“Oh look! A cave! Maybe we can take refuge or get food there,” Anna said with a hint of hope in her voice. “Good idea, let’s have a look around,” Jamek replied, without hesitating. The partly frightened, partly hopeful couple walked into the cave. There, in the middle of the cave sat about six men in black robes around a campfire. Anna thought she smelled a hint of whisky, but it couldn’t be because the men were sitting around devoutly reading from the Gospel of John and seemed not like the whisky drinkers that Anna had seen before. “They must be monks and this isn’t a cave, this is a catacomb,” Anna whispered to her husband, “I wonder if they can help us.” “Hello friends,” a monk, who appeared to be the leader of the group, kindly, yet solemnly greeted them. “We got lost on our way to an inn in Alexandria,” Jamek said, purposefully leaving out the part about the giants thinking that the monks would not believe him. “Could you help us?” Anna asked. The two older monks whispered between each other for a few seconds and then one of them answered, “The man may stay, but we are monks and do not allow women here.” Quickly Jamek replied, “Well, thank you anyways, but I’d prefer not to leave without my wife,” Jamek walked towards the exit of the cave. “At least let us provide some provisions for you,” one of the monks piped up. “Thank you, that is very generous,” Jamek replied. After a few minutes, Jamek and Anna were on their way to their inn carrying a kettle of tea and some bread. “Thank goodness we stopped in that cave, or else we would be very hungry by now,” Anna thought to herself.
“I see our inn, I can’t wait to collapse on the bed and go to sleep,” Jamek shouted. “Really? Yes see it? Where?” Anna excitedly replied. “Right there,” Jamek pointed to a little cinder block house. “Hooray!” Anna was so happy to finally get to go to sleep. “Sadly, it’s not as close as it looks and this tea kettle is really heavy,” Jamek replied with a sigh. “Well, let’s finish it off and you can stop carrying it, I’m a little hungry anyways,” Anna said. So, they stopped by a small dribble of a river and started to eat the bread. “Ugh, this is stale!” Anna remarked with surprise. As Jamek started to pour out the tea kettle, what came out were petite pebbles and some water, which used to be hot. “Oh, look, no wonder why the kettle was so heavy! Those ‘monks’ must have not been monks at all; I think they were thieves!” “Oh, thank goodness you did not stay there with them; they probably would have murdered you!” Anna said with relief as she thought “That’s why I smelled whisky.” “You’re right! Well, let’s just pour our kettle of rocks out and bring the kettle with us. As for the stale bread, we can just leave it here for birds.” Jamek replied. “Yes, let’s get to our inn!” Anna said. Ten minutes later, they were walked into their room at the inn and they collapsed on the bed and fell into a well-deserved and interminable sleep.  “This sure has been a hectic yet, eventful honeymoon,” Anna mumbled before she went to sleep.


A LOT of people are having confessions on there blogs, so I decided to do it.

Confession: I follow 310 blogs, some of which I do not read (not any of yours though :) I really need to "unfollow" some (but not your blogs)

Confession: I have a baby sitting job tonight! (not sure why this is a confession, but anyways)

Confession: I am wearing my clothes with a robe over them today. :D

Confession: My family has attempted to go skiing 2 times so far each time it was canceled due to the flu, and the weather. I am FINALLY going this weekend. (yay!)\

Confession: I know blogging is not about this, but I'm really jealous of all of the people with over 100 followers!

Confession: This is my second post today.

Confession: I am rotating from writing a story, to blogging which isn't working well. :D

Confession: I need to get back to school.


I might be having a giveaway soon and I need sponsors. If you would like to sponsor please email annaksc1@gmail.com

Anyone who can design blogs, has an etsy shop, or just likes making jewelry or clothing can email me!


Anna Katherine

Don't tell me it's Monday!

Sorry about the silly title, but today just DOES NOT feel like a Monday. First of all, we stayed up until 11:30pm last night watching a movie (which we don't usually do), we didn't have swim team this morning (***CHEERS***, I don't like swim team) because it was snowing (another ***CHEERS***) I LOVE SNOW. (pictures sometime soon), We AREN'T HAVING SCHOOL!!!!!!!! So, instead, we sit around drinking hot cocoa and watching movies AND eating snowcream. So, all in all, this does not fell like a Monday!

**NOTE** if you think this is a dumb post, please comment, I kinda think it is. :D

New Blog Design

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So, I finally decided I didn't really like my winter design, so I got this "spring" one, although it is not yet spring (not even close), I loved this kit, so I HAD to make a blog design out of it! :D Anyways.. here is my new signature! Oh and be sure to grab my button!

Feminine Fashion Week- Day two

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WOW! I got 7 comments on how much people like my outfit! So... I'm back at it again today! Here is my outfit:


Headband- target
Shirt-gift from my grandma (AGAIN!)
Skirt- ditto, ditto
Tights- target
shoes- hand me downs, I LOVE THESE SHOES!

Feminine Fashion Week- Day one

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Today is the first day of Natasha's Feminine Fashion week!! Here is my outfit:

 My outfit today:
Hat- Claire's (My grandmother bought it for me yesterday!)
White Shirt- hand me down, brand is Talbots Kids
Blue shirt-hand me down, brand is "eye shadow" which is I think is from Belk's
jeans (sorry about the hole, I tripped one day and got it on 
my fav jeans! I can't believe people actually think that holey
jeans look cute, UGH!) brand is Gap, also a gift from my Grandma
Converse Shoes- one of my favorite 2010 Christmas gifts!

 another pic of the hat, I LOVE hats! Wish I had more :D
And a shoot of my shoes! :D

Love in Christ,

Anna Katherine

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