12 in 2012

so, i see a lot of people doing 102 in 2012 but i know that i can not do that many in a my whole life let alone one year i admire anyone who can do 102. anyways, when i get one done, i will blog about it and check it off the list.

1. do a photoshoot of elizabeth every day for a week
2. buy an iPad 2
3. get past level 4 in super mario bros on the wii
4. photograph oranges (i know, i know, very random)  (done)
5. blog every day for a week (done)
6. host either a giveaway or fashion event at my blog
7. free hand drawn the whole world (well, i have to do this whether i want to or not, so i know i'll get this done.)
8. make/bake/do 5 things i saw on pinterest (1 out of 5)
9. buy some vintage things (done)
10. take a photography class
11. do a photoshoot with a non-family member
12. get my sewing machine back out and sew!

did you happen to notice that many of these are photography oriented? ya, im really trying to improve my photography skills. :)

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