jumping pictures

my sister and i recently discovered the fun of jumping pictures. no, not jumping over pictures, but jumping and then taking a picture of that. fun? oh yes.

 im flying!!!


whew! if you haven't closed the page by now, i commend you!


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that yellow car

so, we are driving along goin' somewhere (i don't remember where) and we pass this awesome. yellow. old. car. i was like, "mom can we please stop so I can take a picture of this car with your phone?" so, we did. but, you know phone cameras. blech. so later on, we went by with the nice camera and i got out and took some much better quality pictures. hopefully, the people who lived in the house didn't think i was some stalker/creepish person. :P

might be in need of some cleaning...

this old yellow car fascinated me... 
what fascinates you?

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yes, i finally did get this giveaway together. :) thank you for being patient because this is 2 weeks later than i promised. :( anyways, since you are probably so excited that you aren't even reading this, because you have already started look at the pictures.. i present to you..... 

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Along A Road Less Traveled

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no, i'm not dead

please forgive my lack of posting. our computer that i usually blog on is turning on and off and it's really annoying. also, i do realized that i had promised y'all a giveaway last Friday, but that too will have to wait because it is not quite ready. anyways, stay tuned!

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