Day 5- Thrifty Chic Modest Fashion Show

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Today is actually Day 1 for me, but Day 5 for the rest of the people entering this challenge, so I am calling it "Day 5." I only have one more day left, I'll love it while it lasts!

Shirt- brand: Talbots Kids, Hand-me-down
Skirt- brand: Mini Boden, Bought at a consignment sale
Shoes- brand: Target, hand-me-downs
Headband- From Claire's Buy one get one half price. (My sister bought one, too).

My Shoes
My headband

Hope you like all the outfits and stay tuned for tomorrow. I will have a new hair cut!! :)

Thrifty Chic Modest Fashion Show

Lucia at Virtuous Girlhood is having a Modest Fashion Show. The rule is all the clothes must be modest and all found BELOW the regular price. I am a little late in joining in, but I am going to start TOMORROW! My favorite thrift/ consignment stores are:

"The SNOB shop": a consignment store in my grandmother's town
Goodwill: no explanation needed :)
Hand-me-downs: I know this is not a store, but I have A LOT of them

My favorite brands are:

Target :)
JK Khaki
Lilly Pulizter

Let it be known that I almost never buy JK Khaki or Lilly full price. They are always hand-me-downs or found at a consignment store. Target is a different thing. I get a couple of target hand-me-downs but they don't have many sales, so sadly, I will most likely not be wearing any Target this week. Oh well :) 

I will be back tomorrow with my outfit, Bye, bye :) 

Hello again, blogging world

Hi All!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive and trying to blog somewhat regulaurly. I also wanted to let you all know that Simple Delights had a modest fashion week this past week. The polls to vote for your favorite are open right now and even though I totally forgot to participate, I would encourage everyone to go vote. There are a LOT of cute outfits, so head on over before the polls close! Bye!

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