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Today I was *gasp* awarded! And by whom? Oh yes.. since you asked..
Kendra at Ismikendra gave me this lovely award.

Now who shall I give it to?? I should probably give it to a great follower since that is what it is called, but who of my followers is great?? Okay, here is the best part..


I see that huge grin!! Go ahead, award some of your GREAT followers, take it!

Top 5!! Maybe YOU got picked...

I have finally narrowed down the photography entries to 5 entries!! I will put up a poll on my blog and MY READERS can decide the top three winners! You are allowed to vote for your two favorite photos. I will name all the photos, if they aren't already and I will put the names of the photos on the poll. So after you look at the below photos.. Go vote!!
One more thing: here are the prizes!!

1st place:

These earrings
I will make your blog a CUTE button that matches your blog for FREE

I will follow ALL of your blogs
A button that says you won first place

Second place:
I will make your blog a CUTE button that matches your blog for FREE
I will follow all of your blogs
A button that says you won second place

Third Place:
I will follow all of your blogs
A button that says you won third place

Finally... here are the winning pictures...

Curly Cutie By Amy Hollis
Daydream Smiles by Lucia

Super Sunglasses by Emily
Whispering Sisters by Cassie
Smiling Siblings by Tirzah

Well... I hope you like them all!! Now... Go vote!!!

The Poll is open until November 6th


Tiffany, our cat had decided that our garden (that isn't growing anythingsos her bed. I'm hoping she doesn't think it's her litter box too!:)

News and a Tag!

Hi! I just wanted to tell you all that I will not be designing at 3x Design and you might be confused because it SAYS "Anna" but that is really another Anna who recently joined 3x Design, just wanted to tell you that, so you wouldn't be confused! I also ENCOURAGE you to get something from 3x Design. Go here.

Also, K at Butterfly dreams tagged me! Here it is..

(1) What is your favorite color?

(2) Do you like Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate best?
milk chocolate!!

(3) What is your favorite food?
(4) Favorite website?
oh definity or maybe..
(5) Do you like wearing girly colors better or more plain colors?
just colors!! Girly or not, :)

(6) Who is your favorite singer between, Rebecca St. James, Casting Crowns, Third Day, or PureNRG?
Third  Day

(7) 3 favorite animals?
Umm.. my sister, oh just kidding! Actually, cats, dogs, rabbits.

(8) Fruit salad or regular salad?
Fruit Salad w/o pineapples
(9) Reading blogs or writing blogs?
a little of both

(10) The Apothecary's Daughter or Indian Captive?
(11) What is your favorite cake, Chocolate, German chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or carrot?

(12) Favorite movie?
not sure..

(13) Who is your favorite actor/actress?
This girl in my drama class..

(14) Is my blog one of your favorites?

Yeah, K!

(15) Gummy bears or Gummy worms?
worms, defiantly!

And... I tag..


My design blog must close :(

I am so sorry but AKDD must close. You may be thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD?? I love AKDD, but never fear 3x Design is here. Some friends of mine Megan and Kendra and I are merging our design blogs and creating one called 3x Design. You can go on and look at what we have designed and decided which girls style you like best, then you can order and we will try to have the gilr you picked to design it for you, but if she is too busy, one of the other girls will do it. 3x Design hasn't officially "started" but you can still go and be a follower! Go here:

I have decided on a prize!!!!


Here is the photgraphy prize for the best photo!

 You may think that I am boring to have earrings for my giveaway and my photography winner and I am so sorry and I promise never to do it again, OK? So.. we're good. Also Tirzah.. I will mail to Egypt... if you enter the photography contest!! :)

For Zoe

How is this?? Email me what you think and I'll start working on it! :) I've really had fun making buttons for you, Zoe!

Interview with Kyann from Bloom! Magazine

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Hello, this is Anna Katherine with her 2nd Interviews with Anna Katherine. Today joining us will be Kyann from Bloom! Magazine. Okay, here we go...

Anna Katherine: When and why did you start Bloom! Magazine?

Kyann:I started Bloom! Magazine in late July of 2010. I started Bloom! because I saw the need for Christian, wholesome magazines that could both inspire and encourage tween and teen girls!

Anna Katherine: What kinds of things are in the issues?

Kyann: Each issue features devotionals, interviews, DIY/craft articles, and some fun fiction articles as well!

AK:When did you ask Jesus to be your Savior?

Kyann: I asked Jesus to be my Savior when I was 5 years old.

AK: How was that experience?

Kyann: The experience changed my life forever-for the better! Without Christ in my life, I would have no purpose, nothing to strive or live for. Jesus Christ is my best friend!

AK: What are your siblings' names and ages?

Kyann: I'd prefer not to give out my siblings' first names as my parents would like to keep that private for Internet safety. I have 2 sisters and a brother. My sisters are 12 and almost 6; my brother is 9.

AK: What 3 Characteristics do you most strive to have?

Kyann: Hmm, this is a hard one as I would love to have many different characteristics! But, if I had to choose three, I would have to say patience, compassion, and respect.

Thank you and please join us next time at Interviews with Anna Katherine! Oh and please become a subscriber to Bloom! Magazine, I'm sure Kyann would appriciate it! You can do that here

Anna Katherine

About to go swimming in the ocean! Elizabeth says its warm, we'll see......

Reading a book on the porch while I hear the crahing waves. Ahhh...

New Design and Photography Contest!!

Okay, I must apologize that this is my 101th post, not my 100th, I was just randomly posting from my mom's phone and totally FORGOT that I was "conserving" posts. :) So... first of all do you like my new design?! I think I do! But on to your favorite part... A PHOTOGRAPHY contest is the surprise! The category is..

Whether it is your dog who is smiling, your mom, your sister, or even a car that seems to be smiling. Be creative, Ladies! Oh, and tell your friends! As soon as you do your post, just comment on this post with your name, and the link to your post, oh and you MUST follow my blog.
The Rules are below

  • You may enter up to 3 pictures
  • They must have to do with "smiles"
  • They must be taken by you.
  • The contest will end October 27 and I will post the winners some time at the end of October, 'm so busy, I can't really set a date for that, sorry! :(
  • You must follow my blog.
  • HAVE FUN!!
Here is the photgraphy prize for the best photo!

You may think that I am boring to have earrings for my giveaway and my photography winner and I am so sorry and I promise never to do it again, OK? So.. we're good.

Here are my entries:

Bye for now!

Anna Katherine

At the beach eating lunch at a varey nice restaurant with my grandparents.

I have a lot of time on my hands {notice the picture}

My mom just took my sister to piano and will be back in 45 minutes. She left me home to work on a pound cake that I am entering in the fair. Mom still had to go and buy flour, so we found the pund cake recipe and under the Ingredients it didn't have flour. So my mom said, "Why don't you just make this while I am gone?" I replied, "Sure." So, after mom had driven off I started on th recipe. The first instruction was "Grease and Flour a 10 inch bundt pan." Haha, and why wasn' flour listed on the ingredients?! I will never know, so.. if you have a gmail account, add me to your contacts, and you can Google chat with me. I'm kinda lonely... Also, this is my 97th post!!

96th post!

This is my 96th post! I know I already had my 96th post, but I relized one of my posts was just a draft, so I deleted it. Sorry for the confusion. Just saying hi!

My 96th post!!

I am almost to my 100th post and you know what I'm going to do??!!

I'm not telling! Ha ha!! :)

You will just have to wait and see!!

I also might change my design on my 100th post, too!

I have some really exciting interviews with some lovely ladies coming up this mont, nov, dec, and jan!


Well, Good Morning October, how did you come so quickly?? Hi, didn't I just turn 11 yesterday, June 30? "Uh, no!" October says right in my face, I'm here whether you like it or not. I replied in a poem and it goes like this

I love fall leaves, seeing God's beatiful trees,
He made me, so this is what I can see,
Beatiful leaves, boutiful trees,
Other people like me, enjoying this October day!

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