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I am going to be a photographer at Forever Magazine! Thanks, Hope for this wonderful opportunity! I encourage you to subscribe! Go HERE.

BTW, this is my 90th post! I might have something special coming up for my 100th!

Having a delightful time in OR! About to explore some shops and waterfalls!

At a really neat restaurant called Park Kitchen. I really like the menu design and logo!! I'll try to post pics if I have time.


My mom, Elizabeth, and I are having the opportunity to visit Oregon because my mom is going to do some public speaking coaching to some ladies, she used to do things like this a lot, but now that she homeschools Liz and me, she only does it twice a year. My dad would have joined us, but he was at a meeting in VA. Mom wants me to write this blog post to tell you all I know so far about Oregon. I will try to post pictures, too when we get back. First, I’ll tell you about our plane trip and what happened before. So last night we finally went to bed at 11pm, because we were so excited we couldn’t get any sleep.  Anyways, we woke up a 4:30am and were totally prepared to leave at 5:15 but we weren’t out the door until 5:30, because we had a little delay. The delay was kinda funny though. Elizabeth was walking around the room about 5:00 saying, “Anna Katherine, you have to get off the computer or we’ll be late.” “Mom, let’s hurry!!” –while she was half dressed and piddling around. Anyways.. when Mom and I had all of the suitcases and things in the car, she was in the house whining because she couldn’t find her shoes. Long story short- Elizabeth finally decided on her clogs after a spanking because it was 5:25. We finally drove out of the driveway with Elizabeth forgiven, Mom praying, and us all happy and excited. We got to the airport, had some breakfast and hopped on our plane to Atlanta. That only took a short while, so we got off, took the train to Gate T3 going to Oregon. Not that I don’t trust ya’ll, I won’t tell where in Oregon until we get back just for safety reasons. All right now, down to business, we are on the plane to Oregon now and now HERE is my list of the things that I know about OR so far.

  • Where Oregon got its name: Some think that Early French traders who ran inton fierce storms may have named the region after their word for “hurricane” which is “ouragan.” Others guess that Spanish explorers maybe have called it “Aragon” after a province in Spain. No one really knows, so you take your pick!
  • Oregon is 296 miles long form north to south along its western border.
  • Oregon’s Crater Lake is the seventh deepest lake in the world!
  • Famous authors such as Beverly Cleary, Mel Blanc, Matt Groening, Mary Decker Slaney, and Phil Knight, grew up in Oregon!
  • On average Oregon has 39 million people per square mile. (W-O-W!)
Well, that’s all for today folks. I’ll post pictures, and tell you WHERE in Oregon we were, when I get back, goodbye!

Sorry for messed up posts..

Yesterday I was writing a long post from my mom's phone, and it turned out as 7 posts! So sorry, I will repost it here {Thanks for telling me, hollister abollisher}:

I have just decided to do a fun blogger post. Most of my posts have a purpose, but this is just plain fun! Drumroll please......
It's about my day! Many people on blogger write about their day and I have never had time, well today I do have time! Now to start off this post is that part of my day I was making a blog signature as I meantioned in the post before this. Do you like the signatures that I made for wanda? Well.. I can make you one,too for free! Just comment on this post with your blog link, and that's all! Further instructions will be given after I make you one. Oh and sorry I keep mentioning this , I promise as soon as I get a couple of customers I'll quit talking about itabout this. I can also help you makeover your blog, just email me at annaksc1@yahoo.com about that. Anyways.................................
On to my day:

This morning I woke up early and went to swimming, we then came home, did school, then swam in a friend's pool, then came back and I blogged awhile and liz and I just finished watching a movie, gotta go now..

My recent designs

Hello again dear blogger friends!

I finally got a request for a design to be made, so maybe I won't redesign my blog for a while! Wanda at The Watered Soul wants me to make her a signature. So.. here are her choices.. {Wanda, if you don't like either just comment and I will make a few more}

Wanda, after you comment on which one you like, email me your blog username and password to annaksc1@yahoo.com and I will upload it to your blog. I won't tell anyone your info, and you can change your password after I upload it.

New signature, I can make you one, too!

I made myself ANOTHER new signature. Sorry I keep making new ones. :(  I think I will keep this one as long as I keep this blog desing, which might not be for more than a month, but I will TRY very hard to keep this design as long as possible. :) Oh yeah... about the second part of my title.. I really can make you one for FREE! Just give me the link to your blog on a comment and after I make you a few and post it, you can tell me your favorite and if you don't know how to get it as your signature, email me at annaksc1@yahoo.com with your username and password. I won't tell anyone your password and if you want to change it after I put your signature on, you are welcome to. Bye for now!

Interview with Amy Hollis from Life Through the Left Window #1

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Hello, this is Anna Katherine wit her 1st Interviews with Anna Katherine. Today joining us will be Amy Hollis from Life Through the Left Window. Okay, here we go...

Anna Katherine: When did you start your blog and why?

Amy Hollis: I really only started my blog because it was summer-just this past summer-and I didn't have anything to do. Now it's become much more worthwhile than at that point.

Anna Katherine: Tell me a little about your blog and what you post about.

Amy Hollis: Well, when I started it was random little things that I now admit really weren't worth reading. I currently blog about my life, my thoughts, and, most often, perhaps, my photography. I'm really thankful for my followers and I hope they enjoy my blog. I'm the type of blogger who will change their background a billion times all together, then stick with one for a while.

AK: What is your favorite part of being on Blogger? (the design, meeting other girls, writing posts, giveaways, etc.)

AH:  I think posting is my favorite. As with most bloggers, I really enjoy comments, and I'd say my second favorite thing is reading others' posts and commenting on them!

AK:When did you ask Jesus to be Lord of your life?

AH: I was about four or five. I did it with my oldest sister. I can't really remember much of that time, though it was definitely real!

AK: How was that experience?

AH: As mentioned above, I can scarcely recall doing it, but it has continued to change my life drastically and I'm glad i gave my life to Him at a young age.

AK: What are your siblings' names and ages?

AH: I'd prefer not to tell their names, but on my blog, I {plan} to call my oldest sis (almost 15) Madame Music, the next sister (13) Queen Drama, my brother (11) Mr. James Bond, my other sister (3) Cutie Pie, and my youngest bro (9 months) Monsieur Giggle.

AK: What 3 characteristics do you most strive to have?

AH: Three characteristics? Truthfulness, faith, and cheerfulness.

Go check out Amy Hollis' blog: Life Through the Left Window, she loves followers!!

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Thank you again and good-bye!!

again! I try hard not to change it too much, but there are so many free blog designs and cute fonts, I can resist! Well... Bye for now!

My time on the computer is up, I am now writing this from mom's phone. :) how do you like my new design? When I told my mom, she was like You changed it

Quick Hello!

Making this quick because it is almost my sister's time on the computer. How would my readers like it if I tried to interview someone from a different blog even month or every other month? Comment on what you think. You can send me an email at annaksc1@yahoo.com if you want to be interviewed!! Bye now!

About to go to dinner with a friend while mom and dad go to a meeting/dinner for dad's work.

Smooth Move.

Just letting my blogger friends that so far, our move has gone pretty smoothly. We are going to the Mountains for labor day weekend tomorrow and when we get back, we are staying in a friend's condo that they aren't using now. God has worked everything out and I AND my whole famiy feel so blessed. Praise God!!

A Blissful giveaway

Maggie at Bliss is having a giveaway!!! Click the button below to join in the fun!! The giveaway is a blog design worth $45. Wow. All I'm gonna say.


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