what i wore- red chevron

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i am so-so-so-so excited to show y'all this awesome sweater that i bought yetserday. this is definitely one of my best thrift finds yet. when i was browsing through racks i practically screamed to my mom "chevron!!!" some innocent shoppers might have been really scared.... so, are ya'll ready to see this marvelous find?

ahh!! chevron!!

 // my outfit \\
black shirt- target
amazingchevronsweater- thrifted
jeans-hand-me-down via delia's
socks- lands ind
owl necklace- gift from a friend
 owl and chevron.......

 love these babies!
 up close of my necklace

of thrift finds

oh my goodness. today, we went to the consignment shop. i died and went to heaven. literally, it was majestic. a chevron sweater, knit skirt, and all kinds of chunky sweaters. i am so pumped. so, anyways, tomorrow i shall be wearing some of my wonderful beauties for my dear readers to see.

so until then, you can watch this completely legit gif that i made. or you can go on about your business. :)

yes, i do already have my kids names picked out

some call me strange, some call me prepared.

ever since i was about six, i have been coming up with names for my children. they have varied from rather normal ones to original names.whenever, i hear or see a name i like, i write in down on a list i have. this list, i shall share with you. :)

girl names. many beautiful and unusual girls names can be found rather easily. some of my favorites are.. 
Tabitha (means gazelle, in acts 9)
Rhoda (means rose, in acts 12)
Paisley or Paislie (means church)
Chevron (a zig zag pattern, by the way, does this sound too much like the gas company? what do ya'll think?)
Calliope (means beautiful voice, the greek muse of poetry)
Waverly (means meadow)
Eden (means paradise, in genesis) 
Selah (means to pause or reflect, in the psalms)

boy names. these are much harder to find.
Harvey (means battle warrior)
Henry (means ruler of the home)
Alton (means old town)
Lawson (means son of Lawrence)

images via google

discovering beauty

 oranges, small but beautiful. created by The Master, God.
 Delicious, juicy, heaven in one bite.
 i have never had such easy models.
they did what i told them to when i wanted them to.
i love this shot and the bokeh. i had to lay on the ground and do pull up to get it. ha. what a photographer will do for a great picture. :)

number 4 of my 12 in 2012 is done:

4. photograph oranges 


what small things do you find beauty in?


My IPod

Just thought I'd do a little post about my IPod touch that I bought last year..er 2 years ago.
this was my screen saver last week. lately, i have been having "words to live by" every week and last week it was "live in the moment." i am focusing on enjoying the moment and not just getting through the day and always straining for the next "fun thing" to do. just to live in the moment and enjoy life and what God has given you.
this is my screen saver this week because I am focusing on "being radical." 


  [rad-i-kuhlthoroughgoing or extreme, especially as regards change from accepted or traditional forms: a radical change in the policy of a company.

this means when God tells me to do something. do it.

and these are my apps...
more apps. right now, my all time favorite is temple run. this is by far the BEST. APP. EVER.

and thats my IPod! hope you enjoyed the little tour. :)

my blog is now triple digits!


100 followers. wow. is it really true that i have 100 people who care about reading my blog? now, don't get me wrong, blog isn't all about followers but it's just kinda heart warming that 100 people actually listen to your rambling. :) anyways, in honor of this great event, i am planning a giveaway! I will be giveaway at least 3 items but for every 1 follower OVER 200, I am going to giveaway one more thing! 
 (got this idea from here)

So, when is this little party going to happen? 

Sometime before 
February 10th

yeah with the adoption, i know that i can not get it all together before then, so anyways...

a sunday outfit

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 this is the outfit i wore to church today.
 strange garage picture?
 //my outfit\\
dress// crewcuts via consignment store
brown sweater// gap via oops
tights// target
boots// stein mart
owl necklace// made by me 

and on a side note...

we are adopting dima! we are going through the process now and it is oh-so-exciting! hopefully we will bring home our sweet boy some time between May and August. please please pray for us!

happy words

there are certain words that when i see them i light up. the make me feel happy inside.


Pinned Image
friday (the day, not the song) :P



what are you happy words?

Be Still and Know That I Am God

Today we took our sweet Dima to the airport and he is flying back to Ukraine as I type. I tried to stay strong while he was around but as soon as we left the airport I broke down in tears. Part of my heart boarded that plane to Ukraine and it hurts. Prayers regarding our next step would be appreciated. :)  

Project Pinterest #2- Photography Idea

Pinned Image
Lying on ground, botton of stairs.

I saw this picture on pinterest the other day and though, "whoa! what a good idea!" So today, i tried with my sister and her friend.

It didn't turn out as good as the one on pinterest because if i didn't crop it, the grass would show and it wouldn't look real. but, i still really like it. :)


this is my entry for Blythe's photography contest:

by the way, who likes my new design? its one of my favorite designs i have had so far.

my blessings book

my blessings book: every day i write one blessing of the day.

 every year i add another blessing.

 every time i write i can look back and see what i was doing exactly a year ago.
every time i do this, i can be reminded of the things, though they be small, God has given me.

. . . . . . . . .  .. . . .. . . .. 

wanna try this? buy your self a journal with about 200 or more pages in it (i got mine at CVS for $10) and write the date at the top of the page and the year on the left side and then the blessing. over a few years it should look something like this:

January 4
2012- watch a movie with friends
2013-raked the leaves with my dad
2014-did a photoshoot with my sister

....and so on. 

12 in 2012

so, i see a lot of people doing 102 in 2012 but i know that i can not do that many in a my whole life let alone one year i admire anyone who can do 102. anyways, when i get one done, i will blog about it and check it off the list.

1. do a photoshoot of elizabeth every day for a week
2. buy an iPad 2
3. get past level 4 in super mario bros on the wii
4. photograph oranges (i know, i know, very random)  (done)
5. blog every day for a week (done)
6. host either a giveaway or fashion event at my blog
7. free hand drawn the whole world (well, i have to do this whether i want to or not, so i know i'll get this done.)
8. make/bake/do 5 things i saw on pinterest (1 out of 5)
9. buy some vintage things (done)
10. take a photography class
11. do a photoshoot with a non-family member
12. get my sewing machine back out and sew!

did you happen to notice that many of these are photography oriented? ya, im really trying to improve my photography skills. :)

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