Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!!! 
Just wanting to wish all my readers a Happy Pi Day!
Hope you can spend the whole day eating pie and not doing problems about pi (psh i wish..)

happy pi day....3-14 
oh and check out google's logo from pi day 2010:
Pi Day - (Selected Countries) 
the one for today is cool too but I can't get an image.
Quick Apple Pie 
in honor of today i will be baking an apple pie.... 
chocolate fudge pie, made with tofu! 

{what kind of pie will you bake?}

all images via pinterest


okay, so the giveaway winners have been decided and they are...

the camera necklace....holland mckoy
red velvet cake truffle....nela
wedding white almond cake.....katie
key lime cake truffle.... emma margaret
50% at thats so bloggish....emily
cupcake charm.....kendra
total makeover package blog design.....lauren elaine
blog design.....kianna rose
purse earrings....eden mckoy

y'all dont have to worry about emailing me because i will email you! hope you like what you won!

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