Thanksgiving Decorations!

So we are visiting our cousins this week for Thanksgiving and my VERY creative aunt came up with these cool chalkboard place cards and acorn napkins rings...

See what I mean?! So cute! Here is the whole table:

To make these cute nature crafts, go to my aunt's blog Merrier Shopping  for the directions. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

ABC's of Thanks

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks

I've decided to link up with Finding Joy's "ABC's of Thanks!"
Here are my answers

a) Acting! I am participating in the "Best Christmas Pageant Ever" at my local theater soon!
b) Bible and blogging :)
c) Christmas! Oh and the reason for it, Christ! (I should have said that first :)
d) My two great Dads! (The one in heaven and the one on earth.)
e) Elizabeth, my sweet 9 year old sis!
f) family.
g) God! (I'll probably put Him under J and L for... well I won't tell you, you have to read on :)
h) Humming. so random, but... it is my passion (just kidding!) Oh AND Heaven which I SO look forward to
i) ummm.. igloos? Just kidding, hmm..                           
j) Jesus!
k) knights, no seriously! For writing in school we are writing about Middle Ages things like knights, queens, etc. So... writing wouldn't be so fun without.. knights!
l) Lord!
m) Mom! I love you mom! You'll read this someday and cry :) maybe you'll read it tomorrow, or maybe in 2039!

n) No's..... really no's. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed and get asked to do participate in TOO many things and I feel grateful that I can say "no" sometimes.
o) Oops, the clothing store. You may not know about this, but you should Google it.. and find one near you! I got this ADORABLE blue corduroy pants that were 10 bucks!
p) Prayer. No comments, just PURE prayer.
q) Quick cars that get me places!
r) red, the color red makes me feel so good inside because it represents Christmas and love!
s) stars, oh how their are so many BEAUTIFUL stars.
t) Tacos, I love tacos!
u)umbrellas, yesterday I realized how umbrellas are such a blessing!
v)very loyal and great friends!
w)wind! This is very good for photoshoots!
x) xylophones and all other musical instruments
y) You all! All of my blog readers!
z) zebras and their beautiful colors!

my wacky family

You may say that I am "obsessed" with editing pics and your right, because I am :)

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

A Reccomended Blog (did I spell that right?)

Sorry that the title is misspelled, but I am not really in a "spelling" mood. But, I have a really good friend (like an "I've seen her in person friend" one that when I met her, I looked into her REAL eyes, not her blogger profile pic, haha!) So she has this cute blog that she started fairly recently, I would encourage you to go check it out here: My God Given Life

THE WINNERS and the answer to MJ's question!

First of all... the winners of the poll are...




Congrats, ladies and thank you to everyone who participated! So Lucia, Cassie, and Amy Hollis, please contact me at to get your prizes!!!!

And one more thing, Mary Joy had a question:

"What exactly is a guest post"

My answer: Many blogs would define "guest post" differently. Here is my definition. You can chose from a photography guest post or a writing guest post. A Photography post would mean you post 2-6 pictures surrounding a certain topic (like "nature") You almost must include a couple of photography tips. A writing post would mean you write something on a topic (such as "truth") that you can come up with. Hope this helps, Mary Joy!!!

a bad news/good news post

Okay..I'll say the bad news first (sniff) I (another sniff) lost (yet another sniff) A FOLLOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wAS it YoU?

Oh yeah, my "unfollower" is mostly likely...


Okay, no more of this. Let's finish off with the good news...

Would you like to do a guest post??
 (And their eyes light up and applauds are heard!)

So......... to do this just..........
Email me at 


I WILL REPLY within 48 hours!

So do it............................................................................................................................................

STARTING>>>>>>>> NOW!!!!!!

~Anna Katherine


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I am finally "in the know" about digital scrapbook kits! I use a newer and better download somewhat similar to paint called "Gimp." So I made the header that I have and I love it. This is just a temporary design until Kiki at Tabby Cat Blogs install my Christmas design at the end of November (how exciting!) Oh and just to tell you, I didn't make this background, but I got it from The Boutique Window, where Brianna most likely used the same digi kit, that I used. So.. anyways! How do you like the header? Sadly it is only temporary, but Kiki's design is really cute!

Interviews with AK: Bess from Bess' Bag

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Since it is the first day of November (WOW!) I have a little surprise planned. Well.. It's not a surprise anymore because you just read the title. Oh man! You weren't supposed to read that! Well, it's not your fault, it's real..... Oh (cough, cough) I'm sorry, I digress. On with it...

Tell me a little about your blog and what you post about.

Let’s see now… Bess’ Bag began the day after Valentine’s 2010, & it wasn’t much planned. I never thought in a trillion years that I’d be a blogger, but life is surprising! The goal of Bess’ Bag is to be an encouragement to girls. I blog about lots of things like: modest fashion, purity & waiting, my personal Christian walk with my heavenly Daddy, & crafty/artsy tutorials. You never know what you’ll find at Bess’ Bag – come on over anytime! =)

What is your favorite part of being on Blogger? (the design, meeting other girls, writing posts, giveaways, etc.)
I love writing & I love the interaction. I truly want to be a listening ear, shoulder to cry on, advice giver, listener, prayful friend, inspiration giver, etc. to the girls who take the time to read my blog. I want girls today to know they are worth a great price (God’s own Son: Jesus); beautiful no matter how they are packaged (their Designer is heavenly); & fashioned for wonderful purposes. Giving it all over (sin, mistakes, heartaches, hurts, regrets, shame…dreams, hopes, possibilities, the future) to their Savior, Jesus Christ, is the beginning to true living & freedom.

When did you ask Jesus to be Lord of your life?
When I was 16…it was a sweet 16 indeed!

How was that experience?
Well, I grew up in a loving Christian home with 2 wonderful parents. When I was 13 my dad passed away, & I struggled with the thought of giving it all over to God. I knew I needed to. I knew my dad was in heaven & that I needed to accept Jesus & be baptized to see him again, but I don’t know…something in me wouldn’t do it. I don’t know if it was fear or wanting to be in control or what… It was a few days after Christmas & lots was going on in my life that was truly hard – everything that was going on made me realize I needed Christ in my life. Only He could wash away my sins & give me an everlasting hope for the present & future. I talked to my mom & she called our church. It wasn’t a church day & it was late, but we headed out in the car so I could be baptized. I didn’t want to wait. I knew by not accepting Christ I was going against God & life without my Savior would lead to death. You know, after accepting Christ & obeying His command for baptism it didn't feel like an immediate change. I didn’t step out of the water glowing inside (or out=) & feeling as if I could change the world for Christ, but now looking back I can so clearly see that that was the beginning of such a new life of hope & freedom. It was the most important day of my life ever.

What are your siblings' names and ages?
I have 2 older sisses (C & M). M is 6 years older than I & C is much much older than I. =)

What 3 characteristics do you most strive to have?
humility, kindness, & a God-pleasing heart

Thanks for joining me and please do follow Bess' Blog!!

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