Random Ramblings

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First random fact: This is my first "Random Ramblings" and I'm pretty excited about it. I've always wanted to do one of those "Terrific Tuesday" or "Miscellaneous Monday" but I'm pretty busy and would always forget to do it once a week. Then I thought I could just do it sometimes, but then when I think "Today was a pretty terrific day, I think I'll blog about it." Oh yeah... It's not Tuesday! Never fear, I have come to a solution! Random Ramblings. (Has this name ever been used? If someone has already used it and doesn't want me to, just let me know, I'll be fine with changing the name). Anyways, ever Random day, I'll post 5 or more random facts.

2: This is one of the longest posted in the history of AK's Korner.

3: My family is hosting our 5 year old neighbor's birthday in our backyard.

4: I just learned how to face paint. I'm doing it at the birthday party tonight.

5: I'm leaving for my grandmother's house on Friday, to see my cousins who live 10 hours away.

6: Since my old signature didn't seem to work I got a new one. Like it??

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