Random Ramblings

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H ello again!
ow are my beloved followers? I hope thou art well! Okay, I'll stopped rambling on and
urry on with Random Ramblings!

1: We start school on Tuesday, Ahhhhh!!

2: Megan, I just shipped your wallet! And Celine, please email me soon, so you can get your earrings!

3: We sold our house!! We are moving to a slightly smaller than our house now, ranch about 8 miles away. We close on our houses at the end of August. We have been packing like mad men today, so I just squeezed in time to do this!!

4: Tonight we have English Country Dancing! ECD is when a bunch of families get together and dance the dances that people danced in like Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensability. It is really fun and there is GOOD FOOD afterwards. :)

5: I just recently found these great blogs: Life through the Left window and Living4Him.

That's all for today!!

PS P.S. I love, love, LOVE dailydropcap.com, where I got the H at the beginning of my post! Thanks to Samantha for tell me about this neat website! "Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische".

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