giveaway.a celebration of 100 followers. 9 prizes. you know you want to enter.

yes, i finally did get this giveaway together. :) thank you for being patient because this is 2 weeks later than i promised. :( anyways, since you are probably so excited that you aren't even reading this, because you have already started look at the pictures.. i present to you..... 

my 100 follower giveaway!

Camera Necklace sponsored by yours truly.

SAMPLER: Red Velvet Cake Truffles with Amaretto Filling (3-Pc. Sampler)--Made-to-Order

Red Velvet Cake with Amaretto Filling sponsored by La Petite Partie 

SAMPLER: Wedding White Almond Cake Balls with Black Raspberry Filling (3 Pc. Sampler)--Made-to-Order

Wedding White Almond Cake with Black Raspberry Filling  sponsored by La Petite Partie 

SAMPLER: Key Lime Cake Truffles with White Chocolate Filling (3 Pc. Sampler)--Made-to-Order

Key Lime Cake Truffle with White Chocolate Lime Filling sponsored by La Petite Partie

50% off coupon at That's so Bloggerish sponsored by Emma

{if you cannot see the picture, click here}
A cupcake charm sponsored by Kianna'sKorner

 Total Makeover Package sponsored by my design blog (worth $10)

Blog Design sponsored by Emma

Purse Earrings sponsored by yours truly.

Along A Road Less Traveled

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends on March 9th!

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