ramblings//no school today/a retreat/straightened hair/new shorts and a maxi!

i am not a perfect blogger. ya know how i know this? i haven't blogged in over a week. a perfect blogger wouldn't do that. anyways, sorry for leaving y'all hanging. today, i shall ramble. yes, yes i shall. 

no school today: yesterday, i finished up most of my subjects and had 3 big exams! whew, i am so glad they are over! because i worked so hard, my mom gave me the day off today. i dont even know what to do with myself! haha. i have played wii, watched a movie, packed for a youth retreat (more on that in a second), and basically reached the end of the internet. anyways, now that i am done with most of my subjects, hopefully i will have much more time to blog regularly. 

a retreat: today i am going on a youth retreat. i have heard it has a ropes course and a blob. plus all of my friends will be there. it will be epic!(i did this for you emma :) 

straightened hair: there is something about it that i love. lately, i haven't had time to straighten my hair, but today, i did and i looovveee it. :) 

new shorts: remember the purple floral shorts i mentioned in this post? well, i ordered them and another pair of shorts and they came in today. i love 'em already!

a maxi: this is has been on my wishlist for summer since like february and on wednesday night, i bought it! it is sooo comfortable and i wish i had like 4 more like it! 

so, i hope you enjoyed my ramblings! :)

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