Modest Fashion Show- Day 1- Stripes 'n Dots

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Yes, I know it has been forever since I last blogged. We adopted Dima (yay!) and spent most of the summer  in the country of Ukraine. When we got home, we hit the ground running with school. Here is our latest family picture. :) :)
 So, that is where I have been. Anyways, I am back in the blogging world to participate in Samantha and Sarah's Modest Fashion Show. 
Its not too late to participate! (hey, that rhymed) Anyways, my little sister decided to join me today! 

Elizabeth's outfit: 
pants//consignment shop
shirt//old navy

 My outfit:
shirt//consignment shop
skirt//consignment shop
pearl earrings//from my mom
necklace//a shop in santorini, greece 
(Whoa, we shop at consignment shops alot.....)

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