New Design and Photography Contest!!

Okay, I must apologize that this is my 101th post, not my 100th, I was just randomly posting from my mom's phone and totally FORGOT that I was "conserving" posts. :) So... first of all do you like my new design?! I think I do! But on to your favorite part... A PHOTOGRAPHY contest is the surprise! The category is..

Whether it is your dog who is smiling, your mom, your sister, or even a car that seems to be smiling. Be creative, Ladies! Oh, and tell your friends! As soon as you do your post, just comment on this post with your name, and the link to your post, oh and you MUST follow my blog.
The Rules are below

  • You may enter up to 3 pictures
  • They must have to do with "smiles"
  • They must be taken by you.
  • The contest will end October 27 and I will post the winners some time at the end of October, 'm so busy, I can't really set a date for that, sorry! :(
  • You must follow my blog.
  • HAVE FUN!!
Here is the photgraphy prize for the best photo!

You may think that I am boring to have earrings for my giveaway and my photography winner and I am so sorry and I promise never to do it again, OK? So.. we're good.

Here are my entries:

Bye for now!

Anna Katherine

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