Interview with Kyann from Bloom! Magazine

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Hello, this is Anna Katherine with her 2nd Interviews with Anna Katherine. Today joining us will be Kyann from Bloom! Magazine. Okay, here we go...

Anna Katherine: When and why did you start Bloom! Magazine?

Kyann:I started Bloom! Magazine in late July of 2010. I started Bloom! because I saw the need for Christian, wholesome magazines that could both inspire and encourage tween and teen girls!

Anna Katherine: What kinds of things are in the issues?

Kyann: Each issue features devotionals, interviews, DIY/craft articles, and some fun fiction articles as well!

AK:When did you ask Jesus to be your Savior?

Kyann: I asked Jesus to be my Savior when I was 5 years old.

AK: How was that experience?

Kyann: The experience changed my life forever-for the better! Without Christ in my life, I would have no purpose, nothing to strive or live for. Jesus Christ is my best friend!

AK: What are your siblings' names and ages?

Kyann: I'd prefer not to give out my siblings' first names as my parents would like to keep that private for Internet safety. I have 2 sisters and a brother. My sisters are 12 and almost 6; my brother is 9.

AK: What 3 Characteristics do you most strive to have?

Kyann: Hmm, this is a hard one as I would love to have many different characteristics! But, if I had to choose three, I would have to say patience, compassion, and respect.

Thank you and please join us next time at Interviews with Anna Katherine! Oh and please become a subscriber to Bloom! Magazine, I'm sure Kyann would appriciate it! You can do that here

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