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Since it is the first day of November (WOW!) I have a little surprise planned. Well.. It's not a surprise anymore because you just read the title. Oh man! You weren't supposed to read that! Well, it's not your fault, it's real..... Oh (cough, cough) I'm sorry, I digress. On with it...

Tell me a little about your blog and what you post about.

Let’s see now… Bess’ Bag began the day after Valentine’s 2010, & it wasn’t much planned. I never thought in a trillion years that I’d be a blogger, but life is surprising! The goal of Bess’ Bag is to be an encouragement to girls. I blog about lots of things like: modest fashion, purity & waiting, my personal Christian walk with my heavenly Daddy, & crafty/artsy tutorials. You never know what you’ll find at Bess’ Bag – come on over anytime! =)

What is your favorite part of being on Blogger? (the design, meeting other girls, writing posts, giveaways, etc.)
I love writing & I love the interaction. I truly want to be a listening ear, shoulder to cry on, advice giver, listener, prayful friend, inspiration giver, etc. to the girls who take the time to read my blog. I want girls today to know they are worth a great price (God’s own Son: Jesus); beautiful no matter how they are packaged (their Designer is heavenly); & fashioned for wonderful purposes. Giving it all over (sin, mistakes, heartaches, hurts, regrets, shame…dreams, hopes, possibilities, the future) to their Savior, Jesus Christ, is the beginning to true living & freedom.

When did you ask Jesus to be Lord of your life?
When I was 16…it was a sweet 16 indeed!

How was that experience?
Well, I grew up in a loving Christian home with 2 wonderful parents. When I was 13 my dad passed away, & I struggled with the thought of giving it all over to God. I knew I needed to. I knew my dad was in heaven & that I needed to accept Jesus & be baptized to see him again, but I don’t know…something in me wouldn’t do it. I don’t know if it was fear or wanting to be in control or what… It was a few days after Christmas & lots was going on in my life that was truly hard – everything that was going on made me realize I needed Christ in my life. Only He could wash away my sins & give me an everlasting hope for the present & future. I talked to my mom & she called our church. It wasn’t a church day & it was late, but we headed out in the car so I could be baptized. I didn’t want to wait. I knew by not accepting Christ I was going against God & life without my Savior would lead to death. You know, after accepting Christ & obeying His command for baptism it didn't feel like an immediate change. I didn’t step out of the water glowing inside (or out=) & feeling as if I could change the world for Christ, but now looking back I can so clearly see that that was the beginning of such a new life of hope & freedom. It was the most important day of my life ever.

What are your siblings' names and ages?
I have 2 older sisses (C & M). M is 6 years older than I & C is much much older than I. =)

What 3 characteristics do you most strive to have?
humility, kindness, & a God-pleasing heart

Thanks for joining me and please do follow Bess' Blog!!

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