A LOT of people are having confessions on there blogs, so I decided to do it.

Confession: I follow 310 blogs, some of which I do not read (not any of yours though :) I really need to "unfollow" some (but not your blogs)

Confession: I have a baby sitting job tonight! (not sure why this is a confession, but anyways)

Confession: I am wearing my clothes with a robe over them today. :D

Confession: My family has attempted to go skiing 2 times so far each time it was canceled due to the flu, and the weather. I am FINALLY going this weekend. (yay!)\

Confession: I know blogging is not about this, but I'm really jealous of all of the people with over 100 followers!

Confession: This is my second post today.

Confession: I am rotating from writing a story, to blogging which isn't working well. :D

Confession: I need to get back to school.

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