Feminine Fashion Week- Day one

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Today is the first day of Natasha's Feminine Fashion week!! Here is my outfit:

 My outfit today:
Hat- Claire's (My grandmother bought it for me yesterday!)
White Shirt- hand me down, brand is Talbots Kids
Blue shirt-hand me down, brand is "eye shadow" which is I think is from Belk's
jeans (sorry about the hole, I tripped one day and got it on 
my fav jeans! I can't believe people actually think that holey
jeans look cute, UGH!) brand is Gap, also a gift from my Grandma
Converse Shoes- one of my favorite 2010 Christmas gifts!

 another pic of the hat, I LOVE hats! Wish I had more :D
And a shoot of my shoes! :D

Love in Christ,

Anna Katherine

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