Caption Contest Winners and an announcement!

It was REALLY hard to decide because all of the entries were really good but, I finally decided on a winner and she is.....
Her caption was:

"This is the the result you get when you try try to do hair extensions"

Congrats Farmgirl! Please email me with you address at
Thanks for all of the entries!

Oh and one more thing, I have an announcement to make *clears throat* I am going on a a trip to...


Why? You may ask, well, my grandfather has ALWAYS wanted to go to Greece and my grandmother doesn't want to go (I still can't figure out why..) so, my mom sister and me are going with him! We are going on a cruise. (talks to self: "Settle down, Anna Katherine, stop blabbing..") Anyways, we are leaving on Wednesday and won't be back until like May 10th, but my dad will be home so no one can rob us, so I can write this blog post (yay!) So, I have to go and pack, bye. I'll post pictures when I get back!

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