Caption Contest!

I'm doing a Caption contest *with a prize*

So, here is how it works.
You can pick one of these pictures to do a caption for, then you comment which ever one you are doing a caption for. Your comment should look like this:

I am a captioning #2
(and then put what ever you think that the characters are saying)

You may ask "What is captioning?" and I will tell you. Captioning in this case and looking at a picture and coming up with a humorous thing that you think the character might be saying. It should not be what the character acually is saying, but something else that is more humorous, get it? Good.
There may be one entry per person. Just comment if you have any questions. Oh and one more  thing.. the prize!

Oh and the contest ends on

Monday, April 25

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So, pick which of the 5 pictures that you would like to caption and comment!!


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