I saw this on someone elses blog and decided to tell my readers some random stuff about me. :)

Your Favorite:
Color? Pink or lime green
Candy? Gum
Main Dish? Mac n' Cheese
Dessert? Apple Pie
Drink? Cherry Coke
Veggie? Green peppers

Do You:
Talk on the phone everyday to someone who is not family? Not really...
Read your Bible everyday? I try.
Do lots of reading? Definitely
See your grandparents everyday? More like once a month.
Bake a lot? Sometimes.
Clean your room everyday? I don't really need to because I try to keep it pretty clean. :)
Have to say you're sorry to someone everyday? oh yeah.

A Certain Thing You Dislike Of Each Category:
Veggie? Kale. ugh.
Color? rusty brown
Animal? Snake or squirrel. 
Drink? Sparkling Water.

Go shopping? target, old navy and gap.
Eat out? Burritos or Sushi.
Go visit? Places in Europe and my grandparents and the beach.
Read a good book at? In the car or on my bed.
What color is your room? Aqua blue.

Do You Have A:
Pet? 2 cats (Molly and Tiffany) and 2 turtles (Buzz and Belle)
Gift card at the moment? I think I like 2 target gift cards, one barnes and noble and one claires and some others that I can't recall :)
Sewing machine? yes.
Big mess under your bed? my sister does, she gets charged $1 for every thing she leaves on the floor, but she still keeps still under there. ugh.
Pack of gum in your bag or purse? sadly, my mom doesn't let me chew gum in public or near her, so NO. :)
Computer in your room? No

Have You Ever:
Been on a plane? Yep. many times. 
Been out of state? Yes.
Been in a eighteen wheeler? Never.
Been in a car accident? No.
Read about a hundred and fifty page book in about an hour? Maybe in an hour and a half.

More Random:
Do you share a room with anyone? No, I used to share a room with my sister.
Have you ever gone swimming in a pond? I don't think so...
How old are you? 12
What year were you born? 1997
Are you related to anyone important or famous? Noah! *grins*
Have you ever met a vice president? nope.
Are you getting bored yet? A little.......;)
A picture:

my lovely lil' sister

What are you thinking? I need to go to sleep, like now. really.


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