yes, i do already have my kids names picked out

some call me strange, some call me prepared.

ever since i was about six, i have been coming up with names for my children. they have varied from rather normal ones to original names.whenever, i hear or see a name i like, i write in down on a list i have. this list, i shall share with you. :)

girl names. many beautiful and unusual girls names can be found rather easily. some of my favorites are.. 
Tabitha (means gazelle, in acts 9)
Rhoda (means rose, in acts 12)
Paisley or Paislie (means church)
Chevron (a zig zag pattern, by the way, does this sound too much like the gas company? what do ya'll think?)
Calliope (means beautiful voice, the greek muse of poetry)
Waverly (means meadow)
Eden (means paradise, in genesis) 
Selah (means to pause or reflect, in the psalms)

boy names. these are much harder to find.
Harvey (means battle warrior)
Henry (means ruler of the home)
Alton (means old town)
Lawson (means son of Lawrence)

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