Sorry for messed up posts..

Yesterday I was writing a long post from my mom's phone, and it turned out as 7 posts! So sorry, I will repost it here {Thanks for telling me, hollister abollisher}:

I have just decided to do a fun blogger post. Most of my posts have a purpose, but this is just plain fun! Drumroll please......
It's about my day! Many people on blogger write about their day and I have never had time, well today I do have time! Now to start off this post is that part of my day I was making a blog signature as I meantioned in the post before this. Do you like the signatures that I made for wanda? Well.. I can make you one,too for free! Just comment on this post with your blog link, and that's all! Further instructions will be given after I make you one. Oh and sorry I keep mentioning this , I promise as soon as I get a couple of customers I'll quit talking about itabout this. I can also help you makeover your blog, just email me at about that. Anyways.................................
On to my day:

This morning I woke up early and went to swimming, we then came home, did school, then swam in a friend's pool, then came back and I blogged awhile and liz and I just finished watching a movie, gotta go now..

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