My mom, Elizabeth, and I are having the opportunity to visit Oregon because my mom is going to do some public speaking coaching to some ladies, she used to do things like this a lot, but now that she homeschools Liz and me, she only does it twice a year. My dad would have joined us, but he was at a meeting in VA. Mom wants me to write this blog post to tell you all I know so far about Oregon. I will try to post pictures, too when we get back. First, I’ll tell you about our plane trip and what happened before. So last night we finally went to bed at 11pm, because we were so excited we couldn’t get any sleep.  Anyways, we woke up a 4:30am and were totally prepared to leave at 5:15 but we weren’t out the door until 5:30, because we had a little delay. The delay was kinda funny though. Elizabeth was walking around the room about 5:00 saying, “Anna Katherine, you have to get off the computer or we’ll be late.” “Mom, let’s hurry!!” –while she was half dressed and piddling around. Anyways.. when Mom and I had all of the suitcases and things in the car, she was in the house whining because she couldn’t find her shoes. Long story short- Elizabeth finally decided on her clogs after a spanking because it was 5:25. We finally drove out of the driveway with Elizabeth forgiven, Mom praying, and us all happy and excited. We got to the airport, had some breakfast and hopped on our plane to Atlanta. That only took a short while, so we got off, took the train to Gate T3 going to Oregon. Not that I don’t trust ya’ll, I won’t tell where in Oregon until we get back just for safety reasons. All right now, down to business, we are on the plane to Oregon now and now HERE is my list of the things that I know about OR so far.

  • Where Oregon got its name: Some think that Early French traders who ran inton fierce storms may have named the region after their word for “hurricane” which is “ouragan.” Others guess that Spanish explorers maybe have called it “Aragon” after a province in Spain. No one really knows, so you take your pick!
  • Oregon is 296 miles long form north to south along its western border.
  • Oregon’s Crater Lake is the seventh deepest lake in the world!
  • Famous authors such as Beverly Cleary, Mel Blanc, Matt Groening, Mary Decker Slaney, and Phil Knight, grew up in Oregon!
  • On average Oregon has 39 million people per square mile. (W-O-W!)
Well, that’s all for today folks. I’ll post pictures, and tell you WHERE in Oregon we were, when I get back, goodbye!

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