Keep Calm and Eat Healthy

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Because of my sister and dad's high cholesterol, we have to eat healthy and right now, we on a gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy free diet for 3 months. To tell the truth, so far, it has not gone too well for me. :( My feelings towards this diet have definitely changed for the better and I am getting used to it, but I still would love prayers. :) So, since we are on this diet, my mom has been doing a lot of research on healthy living. We now drink a sort of liquid grass mixer called "BarleyMax." (gross, I know)

When I first started drinking BarleyMax, I would gag every time I drank it. Then, mom got the berry flavor, and it wasn't quite as bad, but gagging was still inevitable. One day, I prayed about it and set my heart to liking BarleyMax and the gagging stopped. With the Lord's help, I stopped hating BarleyMax. Now, there still are days when I am grossed out when I drink it, but it is not nearly as bad.

Eating healthy has changed my way of thinking of food.  Instead of thinking of it as pleasure, I think of it as fuel. Instead of eating candy or carbs when I'm hungry, I eat carrots. I've learned that Cocunut Milk and Almond Milk are actually really good. I've learned to control my sugar and fruit (yes, it does have sugar in it) intake. Healthy Living has changed my life.

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