Q&A session

So, because of the survey I asked for people to fill out, I received about 3 questions in the question section of the survey. I am here today to answer them.

Do you like baking? Yes, but I don't do it much. I love baking sweets and cakes, but right now, since we can only have 20g of sugar a day, I can't. :( But I do like baking.

Do you like to scrapbook? I ♥ it! But, I enjoy online scrapbooking more. (at websites like http://www.shutterfly.com/ and http://www.snapfish.com/snapfish/welcome)

What are your thoughts on femininity? Hmm.. Well, I don't believe that girls and women should have to wear skirts all the time (although I respect and understand young ladies who do), but I do love skirts and dresses and I love wearing them and showing my femininity.  

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