My modestly rules

In my survey, I included a section to ask questions and one was "What are your rules about clothes?" Hmm.. In summer I usually, try to have my shorts not above fingertip length and I usually stray away from spaghetti strap tank tops. I own a few, but I try to only wear them on really hot days and when I am in my backyard or at home.
 In winter, I don't have many rules for myself just because its harder to show too much when its so cold. I mainly keep my jeans not too tight and my shirts not too low. 
 For example, I got a whole bag of nice hand-me-down jeans size 14 and although I am 12, they were too tight. It's really sad what this modern society teaches us in the ways of clothing. I mean, seriously, who would want to wear such tight, uncomfortable jeans?

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