200th post and blogaversery!

Today is my 1 year Blogaversery! It seems like I have been blogging MUCH longer! LOL

My first 3 posts were pictures and like a photo contest or something, so I will post my 4th (I think) post:

This week, my dad has to go to Richmond for work and we are going with him! Except for the fact that the world is our classroom, this should be our spring break. But, you know my family, learn, learn, learn.... okay enough said about that, moving on.... We left today after church and took the 6 hour drive to Smithfield, VA where we stopped at a sweet hotel, called Smithfield Station. Since, mom's laptop will not connect to the internet anymore, I am VERY thankful that the hotel has a computer!! Although the hotel has a computer, I cannot upload my pictures to it. I am pretty sure that the hotel we will be staying at in Richmond will let me upload pictures. So, until then!! :) :)

I was a very bad writer back then (not that I'm much better now) :D Anyways, here are10 things you wouldn't guess about me. I know I said I was going to do 20, but I couldn't think of that many, LOL! :D

  1. I want to major in acting and graphic design when I go to college
  2. I have been out of the country 4 times
  3. I just got my hair cut about 3 inches yesterday :D
  4. I had braces in 1st grade and got them again Tuesday (and the pain has not gone away yet...)
  5. I only like swim team in the summer, but year round, I loath (But, I'm stopping year round in May :)
  6. I am neither a tomboy or a girly girl
  7. I hate the cream on the inside of Oreos
  8. I think Clemson Rocks!(even though neither of my parents went to college there :)
  9. I have the sweetest lil' ten year old sister named Elizabeth
  10. I LOVE MY FOLLOWERS :D (okay, so maybe you already guessed that, but oh well............)

Hope you all like the new design, and new name :D It comes from Robert Frost's poem "A Road Less Traveled.The design is made by Megan and I LOVE it!!


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