Spring Writing Gala- day one!!

Hello, my name is Anna Katherine (but, lots of people call me AK). I am a 11 year old homeschooled young lady learning to trust Jesus and serve Him only.

How long have you been writing? About 2 years.
When did you first realize how much you loved writing? Probably when I got my first assignment at this writing class I take.
What is your favorite thing about writing? Being creative and thinking of what the story is about.
Which do you like better, Planning or Rewriting? probably neither, but I guess I like rewriting better.
What do you consider your best work of writing? "A Hectic Honeymoon" (a short story that I wrote about 5 weeks ago.)
What kind of writing do you feel the strongest in? probably writing short stories, I actually have never written any kind of story that is more than 4 pages long. :)
How many books have you started writing? about five
How many books have you finished writing? ZERO!
How many books are you working on right now? 1
Have you ever taken a writing class? yes, I started taking it in 4th grade and I still do it.
If so, what did you get the most out of it? Hmm... probably learning about using strong adverbs, adjectives, etc.
If you could write as good as anyone in the world, who would you choose? Rick Riordan
What have your family members told you about when you were little/what do you remember, and how might it apply to your writing life? I really have no idea... :(

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