3rd Narnia movie- Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I just went to see this movie TODAY! I don't think I have EVER seen a movie, the first day it was in theaters! Anyways.. about the movie, not how/why I was there. :)

It was probably the most intense, yet best Narnia movie ever made.

I loved Reepicheep, this cute little thing. (Oww!!! what was that? Don't call me little. Sorr... OR CUTE! Okay.....) Sorry, back to the story (Hey! Be quiet, Reep!) As I was saying before this strong, large warrior mouse (That's more like it. I SAID be quiet!) interrupted me. Reep was a great character in the story and I will tell you no more about Reep, you will just have to find out for your selves)

Haha, Oh.. Eustace! At the beginning of the story I truly thought that Eustace was, well, useless! I thought that they could have left him out, but BOY was I wrong!

Do you wonder who the dragon above is?? Haha! Suspense? Eh? Or do you think he looked a bit like Peter and Lucy's self centered, freckled cousin, at all?

You all will just have to.... WATCH the movie!! Haha!

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