Countdown 2 Christmas-DAY ONE!

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So today, you had to read Luke 2:1-7 blog about what it means to you:

So in Luke 2:1-7, I realized really how Jesus was born. I think I sometimes I just think "Oh yeah, Jesus was born in a nice red barn with a few *nice smelling* sheep to cuddle up next to" BEEP wrong, AK! Jesus was born to the lowliest of the lowly in the lowliest of lowly of places. It might not have even been a barn, it might have been a cold, hard cave!

The other thing you had to do is post a picture of a family member and say what you THINK their favorite part of Christmas is and what it really is. Let's see...

(Liz is on the left)

I think that her favorite part of Christmas is waking up and drinking hot cocoa by the fire.

She's napping right now and I barely got her to talk. She said her favorite part is:
Waiting on the Steps
I'm assuming this means on Christmas morning when our parents make us wait for what seems like an hour (only a minute) until we can come an open presents. :D 

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