Interviews with AK: Tirzah at Tirzah's Delights

Tell me a little about your blog and what you post about. Well, I started my blog a few months after my mom had created hers, at first it started out private with only a few followers but recently I've switched it to an open blog, which is why I'm doing this interview!

What is your favorite part of being on Blogger? (the design, meeting other girls, writing posts, giveaways, etc.) Probably everything! I love contests, posts, but probably my most favorite is receiving comments and followers, they're very fun to have.

When did you ask Jesus to be Lord of your life? Quite a few years ago... it's probably safe to say I don't remember the exact date! =D

How was that experience? Amazing.

What are your siblings' names and ages? Is it okay that I use their blog names? Lets see, Banana Taffy, he's 15, Chocolate Taffy, he's 14, Strawberry Taffy, that's me, 12, Blue Raspberry Taffy, turning 8, Bubblegum Taffy, 5, Taffy Taffy, turning 3, and “mystery” taffy, she's on the way! (hopefully a girl!)

What is your favorite part about Christmas? Oh boy, this is the hardest question by far... I have no idea! I absolutely love everything about Christmas! Music the most though! I'm probably the only one who can crack up for no particular reason when seeing fake Christmas tree's at Costco in October!

What 3 characteristics do you most strive to have? Patience, Faith, Cheerfulness.

I'm sure she'd love for you to follow her blog, Tirzah's Delights here!

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